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Celebrating a Decade in the Territory: Finlaysons Reflects on Growth and Welcomes New Members

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For over 175 years, Finlaysons proudly anchored its headquarters in South Australia, diligently serving Government, Public, and Private clients across national and international realms from its Adelaide stronghold. However, the allure of Darwin and the Northern Territory presented an irresistible opportunity to expand our physical footprint and broaden our horizons.

The journey of Finlaysons’ Darwin office commenced over 12 years ago, spurred by the firm’s aspiration to establish a lasting presence in the Northern Territory.

From those modest beginnings, our Darwin office burgeoned into what it stands as today. Initially manned by Michael Chin and a cadre of South Australian practitioners who made regular visits and rotations, the office evolved. Notably, Ralph Bonig stands as a testament to this growth, having made well over 100 trips to Darwin in support of our endeavours.

As our presence solidified, we made a concerted effort to integrate local talent into our ranks, nurturing their careers as they advanced within the firm. We also welcomed practitioners who made Darwin their permanent home for extended periods, enriching our team with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Throughout our tenure in the Territory, Finlaysons remained steadfast in our support of local initiatives and organizations, contributing to the fabric of the community. Whether through involvement in conferences, councils, or sporting clubs like the Wanderers Football Club and the South Darwin Rugby Club, we endeavoured to make meaningful contributions, be it through sponsorships or pro bono assistance.

Reflecting on the past decade, while confidentiality often veils our triumphs as lawyers, it heartens me to acknowledge the myriad successes shared with our clients. From landmark legal battles to pivotal government projects, our involvement spanned a spectrum of endeavours, cementing our bonds with the Territory’s business community.

Looking ahead, our recent expansion heralds a new chapter for Finlaysons. With the addition of David Sweet, Melissa Foster, Tara Southgate, and Amy Noble to our ranks in 2024, we are poised for further growth and evolution. The seamless integration of our new members underscores a cultural alignment that bodes well for our collective future.

As we expand, our commitment to the Territory remains unwavering. While our Darwin office continues to flourish, the support of senior practitioners from our Adelaide hub remains a cornerstone of our operations. Blending local expertise with our broader South Australian network, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and the wider business community.

Finlaysons take pride in our association with Darwin and the Northern Territory. Firmly rooted in this vibrant community, we pledge to nurture and expand our presence, eager to continue our journey of service and partnership for years to come.