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Risk Management & Governance

Corporate governance and compliance is an ever-changing landscape and we offer our clients’ in-house legal teams specialist assistance in this area

Risk management services include:

  • risk assessments, audits and “health checks”;
  • risk management strategies;
  • commercial document and policy development and review;
  • contracting protocols and templates;


  • compliance advice, checklists and systems;
  • education and training programs;
  • probity reviews; and
  • corporate governance advice.


Our recent risk management work for in-house counsel clients includes:

  • a risk assessment of contracting and safety protocols and updated contract and policy documents;
  • compliance advice and development of compliance systems and checklists with regard to licensing requirements, conditions and approvals and regulatory obligations;


  • advice on probity issues associated with significant land acquisitions and projects involving government interests; and
  • developing and providing training on updated internal policies and advise on compliance


Critical incident and crisis response

Despite the best risk management processes, critical incidents can and do occur. If these are not managed promptly and effectively, the impacts on your organisation can be substantial. We have experience in helping clients’ in-house teams manage and respond to a variety of incidents, such as:

  • industrial accidents;
  • internal and external investigations by public authorities;
  • fatalities and other catastrophic events; and
  • equipment failure and accident response.

We can help with the immediate response stage (including on-site attendance where appropriate), negotiating with emergency services, ensuring compliance with relevant reporting obligations, liaising with insurers and notifying claims.

We also provide urgent advice on immediate steps to be taken, and the implications of and risks and exposures arising from the incident and mitigation strategies, without compromising any insurance indemnity claim or cover.

Following the initial response stage, we can assist you to prepare for and respond to investigations and prosecutions, and provide you with general claims management advice.

We can assist you to conduct internal investigations under legal professional privilege, help you to collate relevant documentation and evidence, and to prepare your staff to be interviewed by regulatory authorities. We also provide representation in respect of any prosecutions, coronial enquiries and claims that may eventuate.

We work with our clients’ teams both in the immediate aftermath and throughout the process to effectively manage their internal response, including crisis management, internal investigations or remedial steps, maintaining legal professional privilege, stakeholder relations and reporting to and advising Boards or executive management teams.