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migrating via an airport

Migration 移民

Experienced in navigating the Australian Visa System complexities

We understand that it is very important to find the best way for getting Australian Visas and investing in Australia.

The Finlaysons Migration Group can assist you to deal with the complexities of the Australian Visa system.

Australia has over 140 different types of Visa, and it can therefore be a difficult task to select the correct Visa for an individual client.

Individuals are often eligible for a number of different types of Visa, and what may be the best Visa for one person may not necessarily be the best Visa for another.

How can we help you?

The Finlaysons Migration Group can provide you with an investment pathway to obtain Visas and permanent residency in Australia. Our experienced Migration Lawyers can consider your specific circumstances and goals, and make sure you apply for the most appropriate Visa to allow you to live, work or study in Australia.

We can also assist you to purchase business or investment assets that may be necessary to qualify for a Visa and help you migrate to Australia.

Finlaysons’ Migration Group can do all the hard work and help find the best way to get Australian Visas and invest in Australia.

We work in partnership with you to develop a long-term and productive working relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect. Clients come to us because of our reputation; they stay because of the experience.

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澳大利亚有超过140种不同类型的签证,因此为客户选择正确的签证绝非易事。 个人通常有资格获得多种不同类型的签证,对于一个人来说,最好的签证可能不一定是另一个人的最佳签证。





我们与您合作,发展建立在相互信任和尊重基础上的长期和富有成效的工作关系。客户因我们的声誉而来; 因我们丰富的经验而与我们同在。

Key Services

  • Business Visas 技术/工作签证
  • Partner Visas 伴侣签证
  • Student Visas 学生签证
  • Skilled / Work Visas 技术/工作签证
  • Others, including Parent Visas, Child Visas, Medical Treatment Visas, Visitor Visas, Resident Return Visas, Citizenship and more. 其他,包括父母签证,子女签证,医疗签证,访客签证,居民返回签证以及获得澳洲公民身份等。