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Hr Guide Handbook front cover

The Compact Legal Guide to HR

2 minutes read time

Employment issues can arise in your organisation at any time. We have created the 'Compact Legal Guide to HR' for you to keep as a handy reference when issues pop up in your workplace.

Do you sometimes find you’re a bit unsure of how to properly deal with a workplace issue or implement a new protocol? We understand.

The Fair Work Act is as big as a phone book and not easy to refer to day to day. The Compact Legal Guide to HR was developed to ensure that businesses have a handy guide to refer to when employment issues arise, to make it easier to understand what steps and decisions should be made. The e-book highlights what to do within a hiring, managing and firing situation.

Download a copy of the Free Legal Guide to HR

What you get within the guide:

  1. Sets out the signposts on the big issues under the Fair Work Act and Discrimination / Sexual Harassment Laws
  2. Examples from real cases we have managed
  3. Further links to freely download employment contract templates, checklists, calculators and tools

At Finlaysons we have a highly experienced Workplace team who are widely recognised for their expertise in all workplace issues. Please contact Will Snow or Guy Biddle if you have any questions about current or future HR and workplace issues.