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Will Snow

Will Snow


Will has significant experience in workplace & safety, with secondments and in-house roles in the large and industrially complex workforces of Qantas Airways and Rail Corporation NSW, plus top-tier private practice roles.

He has particular expertise in responding rapidly to uncertain risk situations, including safety incidents and fatalities, unprotected industrial action and instances of serious misconduct, bullying, workplace fraud and whistleblower compliance and protections.

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Will’s clients span the manufacturing, mining, defence, not-for-profit, agribusiness, health care and education sectors.

He assists clients to promptly consider and resolve people management risks before legal proceedings and reputation damage takes control of an issue.

If firmer action or defending a claim is unavoidable, he has the litigation skills and experience to deliver the best outcome.


“We have been very happy with the excellent professional assistance and support that Will Snow and Will’s team have provided to KONE in recent years in relation to Work Health and Safety matters in South Australia. We have found Will’s advice to be thorough, clear, accurate, commercial, practical and prompt and would have no hesitation in recommending him in these kinds of matters.”- Antony Facchin, Head of Legal, Australia and New Zealand, KONE Elevators Pty Limited



  • Honours Degree in Bachelor of Laws


  • Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Industrial Relations Society of SA

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