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JusticeNet SA & Finlaysons Prevent the Eviction of a Family Experiencing Financial Hardship

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Finlaysons have been a proud supporter of JusticeNet SA’s coordinated pro bono services for over nine years and have assisted in providing a pro bono safety net for many of South Australians experiencing civil law problems who cannot afford a lawyer or get the help they need from elsewhere – like ‘J’ and ‘D’.

‘J’ and his wife ‘D’ live with two children in a modest three-bedroom house in rural South Australia. After ‘J’ was diagnosed with a medical condition that prevented him from working, the family fell behind on their mortgage repayments. Eventually their bank commenced legal action against them in the Supreme Court to repossess their house.

Shortly before the first hearing, ‘J’ was hospitalised after suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm. The legal proceedings were adjourned to allow ‘J’ to access his Total Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance. Unfortunately, the insurer refused his claim for a TPD payment, leaving ‘J’ and ‘D’ with no way to repay the arrears on their loan. As a result, the Supreme Court granted the lender’s application for possession of the family home, leaving ‘J’ and ‘D’ facing eviction.

Fortunately, they were referred to JusticeNet who connected them with one of our Special Counsel, Ralph Bönig, who agreed to act for ‘J’ on a pro bono basis.

Ralph successfully negotiated with ‘J’s’ insurer for a payout under his insurance policy, which was sufficient for the family to clear the arrears and meet future mortgage commitments and then arranged for the repossession order to be permanently stayed.

Because of JusticeNet’s intervention, ‘J’ and his family have been able to remain in the family home, and have time for ‘J’ to investigate alternative employment within his capacity.

We are proud to have assisted ‘J’ and ‘D’ and the many other vulnerable and disadvantaged South Australians who require access to legal services.


For more information, please contact:

Sara Bradshaw

Marketing & Business Development Manager 

T: 08 8235 7771