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Steven joined Finlaysons in 2018 as a law clerk in our 12-month clerkship program whilst completing his studies. In 2019, when he was admitted as a solicitor, Steven transitioned into a full-time role with Finlaysons as a Lawyer in our Insurance and Litigation practice and was promoted to the role of Associate in 2021.

He is experienced in personal injury litigation, medical negligence, general litigation and insurance legal services, with a focus on compulsory third party (CTP) claims arising from motor vehicle accidents. Steven manages a variety of matters and works closely with our senior practitioners for a diverse range of clients across Australia.

In particular, Steven provides advice and representation to the team’s major clients, appearing regularly as a solicitor in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts of South Australia.

Steven is experienced in litigious disputes and enjoys applying his specialised knowledge to dispute resolution matters.

Additionally, Steven has also been involved in numerous pro-bono matters carried out by Finlaysons.

Steven is a team player, he appreciates the sense of collaboration and coherence that comes from working within such a tight-knit team.

During his time at Finlaysons, Steven has developed a strong rapport with clients who respect his personable nature and prioritisation to “go the extra mile” to assure that, not only efficient outcomes are achieved and disputes are managed, but that clients are comfortable and have a thorough understanding of the legal advice they are being given.



Conducting and managing litigation on behalf of insurers over the lifecycle of both low and high value CTP claims, including undertaking the following tasks:

  • Advocating for and representing clients within the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts of South Australia.Analysing and advising upon legal, factual, evidentiary and commercial issues so as to attain positive, client-focussed results.
  • Drafting and preparing court documents, including pleadings, originating applications and written submissions.
  • Drafting and preparing interlocutory documents, including applications, affidavits, notices to admit and interrogatories.
  • Managing contentious interlocutory arguments, including issues relating to disclosure, failures to comply with court rules, obtaining evidence from non-parties and staying proceedings.
  • Undertaking and engaging in negotiations,  including Settlement Conferences and Mediations.
  • Briefing both junior and senior counsel.
  • Briefing independent experts and external investigators, including expert witnesses, medical practitioners, engineers, forensic accountants and forensic information technology specialists.
  • Preparing matters for Trial, including proofing witnesses, issuing subpoenas and obtaining both statements and supplementary evidence as required.
  • Observing criminal proceedings against CTP claimants in various jurisdictions for the purpose to provide advice in the relevant CTP claim.
  • Assisting senior practitioners in the conduct and management of multi-million-dollar CTP claims.


  • Acting on behalf of hospitals & insurers in the defence of medical negligence claims.
  • Acting on behalf landlords and tenants in proceedings brought under the Retail and Commercial Leases Act 1995 (SA).
  • Acting on behalf of companies brought into proceedings as a non-party, including for the purpose of resisting subpoenas and non-party discovery orders.
  • Acting on behalf of clients in relation to trusts and wills & estate issues.
  • Providing advice to insurers regarding recoveries pursuant to Section 66 of the Return To Work Act 2014.
  • Assisting self-represented litigants at legal advice clinics in relation to a wide variety of civil disputes, ranging from minor civil claims to larger, complicated disputes.

Steven's Expertise