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Clerks & Graduates

Allow us to cultivate the skills and attributes you will need to launch your legal career

Experience the collegiality, energy and creativity that defines life at Finlaysons.

Innovation is a strong focus at Finlaysons. We understand our obligation to advance the legal industry by extending opportunities and educating students the best way we know how. The best way to nurture talent and inspire innovative thinking is by imparting meaningful, hands-on-work, and encouraging autonomy whilst still providing guidance. Our talented and recognised practitioners will offer you a practical insight as to how law is conducted in their areas of expertise.

We provide a dynamic positive working environment which allows our clerks to develop and enhance their skills through structured training. We share information, knowledge and good practice, and support the development of others because we want you to become a technically excellent lawyer from the get go.

Hear what some of our previous and current clerks have to say about their experience with Finlaysons

“My experience as a clerk at Finlaysons has been extremely rewarding. On day one I was assigned a ‘buddy’ and ‘coach’ who have guided me and allowed me to ask questions whenever I need. Further, I have had some incredible opportunities to be involved in large and legally complex matters. These experiences have led me to developing a range of practical legal skills such as drafting letters, analysing evidence and reviewing policies, to name just some examples. I would highly recommend the Finlaysons’ Clerkship program to any student aspiring to enter the legal profession.”

– Kate Holland-Smith, current Graduate Lawyer, and 2021/2022 Law Clerk


“Finlaysons promotes excellent firm culture through the support of an active social club and by providing many opportunities for clerks to socialise with colleagues. The practitioners from a junior to senior level are incredibly approachable and are always willing to share their wealth of knowledge with clerks, creating many valuable learning experiences over the course of the Clerkship program. I would highly recommend Finlaysons Clerkship program to anyone contemplating it, it is an unparalleled experience that you cannot match with University studies alone.”

– Bryce Gassner, current Graduate Lawyer, and 2021/2022 Law Clerk


“My time as a clerk at Finlaysons for the past year and half has been invaluable and crucial to my preparedness to enter the legal profession as a lawyer by way of the continued support, opportunities and mentoring I have received from my seniors.

What makes Finlaysons’ Clerkship Program stand out compared to other traditional clerkships and graduate programs is its duration and flexibility. The 6-month part-time clerkship compared to the traditional one-month full-time clerkship programs allows clerks more time to develop deeper relationships with their colleagues and be more deeply involved in a matter as they are able to watch it progress it from beginning to completion. Even as a law graduate I have been afforded this flexibility with the firm being supportive of my decision to work part-time in order to better balance work with my PLT studies.

Additionally, being recruited as a department clerk means my work is not compartmentalised to one practice area. Instead, I am able to assist practitioners in multiple areas of practice, some of which I have not considered the possibility of practicing in prior to joining the firm. This has allowed me to have a better understanding of where my legal interests lie as well as develop a vast variety of technical skills which I will certainly utilise in practice. I am incredibly grateful to have commenced my legal career at Finlaysons and cannot recommend highly enough. I look forward to continuing my legal career at Finlaysons after securing a graduate lawyer role here.”

– Teresa Ta, current Graduate Lawyer, and 2021/2022 Law Clerk


“Coming into the clerkship program I was excited to get exposure to a broad range of legal work. My first eight weeks at Finlaysons flew by! Being involved with hands on legal work since day one has been fantastic and I am continuing to experience new challenges every day.”

– Bentley Anderson, current Associate and 2019/2020 Law Clerk


“Whilst working in the Environment, Planning, Native Title & Resources department, I have research a diverse range of matters such as space law, food regulations, hedge fencing laws and native title compensation to name a few. These tasks have been particularly helpful in developing my legal research skills. Further, I was able to draft trustee minutes and special resolutions which has really increased my knowledge of corporate law and trusts. My recent rotation into the Insurance Department has provided me with a different experience, with a greater focus on drafting summaries and attending court.

This experience is extremely valuable in helping me decide where my legal interests lie, and what area of law I would be interested in practising in the future. Gaining practical experience in such a wide variety of areas is a very rare opportunity and I am extremely grateful for this experience.”

– Molly Shanahan, current Graduate Lawyer and 2019/2020 Law Clerk


“Perhaps my favourite part of working at Finlaysons is the learning opportunities which stem from a firmly ingrained “open door” culture whereby clerks are easily able to approach senior practitioners for assistance with tasks, or broader issues in general. Further to this, Finlaysons also implements an effective “buddy” and “coach” system as part of its program to ensure clerks are never left wanting for help should they need it. I could not recommend this program more highly.”

– Michael Rydon, current Associate and 2018/2019 Law Clerk


“The opportunities that I have been given at Finlaysons have been, and continue to be, invaluable. Within the very first month of my clerkship, I was assigned to a trial, where I was provided with a significant amount of hands-on experience and exposure to civil litigation within South Australia. I assist a number of partners and senior practitioners with interesting and legally complex matters on a daily basis and I continue to look forward to a new challenge each day. I thoroughly recommend the Finlaysons Clerkship to any law student that is looking for a truly unique experience.”

– Steven Ellis, current Associate and 2018/2019 Law Clerk


“My experience as a dedicated Tax Clerk at Finlaysons has been challenging yet absolutely rewarding as I gain exposure to new matters every day. My work includes supporting partners and senior practitioners in providing advice to clients with diverse and international background by drafting various legal documents and letter of advice.  This is an unparalleled opportunity as I gain hands-on experience working with leading experts in the field and build my professional legal skillset. I cannot recommend the clerkship program at Finlaysons enough for the supportive environment and various learning opportunities through professional and networking events the firm provides.”

– Kristen Mai, 2021/2022 Law Clerk


“During my time at Finlaysons, I have learnt so much about the legal profession, particularly in civil litigation and insurance. I have had the opportunity to engage in a variety of work in the company and have had the chance to practice my application of what I have learned at university to real-life legal issues.  The clerking experience at Finlaysons has allowed me to begin to determine where my interests lie and although it is sometimes challenging, the chance to gain practical experience has been invaluable. I would highly recommend the clerkship program at Finlaysons to any law student that is looking for practical experience.”

– Dana Paitaridis, 2021/2022 Law Clerk


“Finlaysons has enabled me to significantly develop concepts ascertained within my law degree and apply them to real-life situations whilst gaining valuable skills and knowledge from those around me. Whilst learning the ropes has been challenging at times, being surrounded by like-minded individuals who endeavour to see you succeed has resulted in not only gaining valuable friendships but has had an invaluable impact to my professional development.”

– Rose Layther-Dixon, 2021/2022 Law Clerk


Our Opportunities:

GDLP/PLT Placement

We offer a restricted number of 6-week placements and dates can be negotiated to align with your commitments.


Penultimate or final year students are welcome to apply for a limited number clerk positions. The duration of the clerkship may vary from 4 weeks to 12 months and will be dependent on the specific opportunity available. We offer a departmental or rotational experience for those undertaking a 12 month position.

Our recruitment process will involve an online application and a face-to-face interview. 


Helpful Insights

We respect individuality. We want to get to know you.

A clear and concise introduction letter should highlight your skill set as well as your interests and provide us with an insight into you.

Outline in your curriculum vitae relevant work experience, volunteer work, your degrees and whether they are held or being completed. Show your individuality by detailing any languages you speak or extra-curricular activities you participate in.

Also, submit your academic transcripts and attach relevant supporting documents such as a visa or certification of a degree.

Before you commence, really think about what your key skills, achievement and experiences are.

Make a list and keep referring back to it. Your submission shouldn’t be a 3 page essay on how fabulous you are but you should make sure that you tell us what your strengths are.

There are a variety of law firms and we’re all looking for different things from our clerks. Refer to our website to ensure that our areas of law align with those you aspire to practice in.

We strive to support you both professionally and personally.

We support a work/life balance and encourage participation in our extensive health and wellbeing program. Our social fabric is strong –  we have fun and celebrate our successes, no matter how big or small.

You will interact with the rest of the firm from the moment you join us.

Our clerks also form a tight-knit peer group to bounce their ideas and thoughts between.

Today’s Realities are Tomorrow’s Possibilities

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