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Clerks & Graduates

Allow us to cultivate the skills and attributes you will need to launch your legal career

Experience the collegiality, energy and creativity that defines life at Finlaysons.

Innovation is a strong focus at Finlaysons. We understand our obligation to advance the legal industry by extending opportunities and educating students the best way we know how. The best way to nurture talent and inspire innovative thinking is by imparting meaningful, hands-on-work, and encouraging autonomy whilst still providing guidance. Our talented and recognised practitioners will offer you a practical insight as to how law is conducted in their areas of expertise.

Hear what some of our previous and current clerks have to say about their experience with Finlaysons

“My clerk experience with Finlaysons has been both a rewarding and inspiring experience. From the full time week of on-boarding to the monthly skills building sessions, the whole team here has assisted in helping new clerks transition from university to a professional workplace. My coaches and ‘buddies’ have made sure I know the ‘ins and outs’ of each department as I rotated through the firm. I’ve had the rare opportunity to experience a wide variety of law, from assisting on complex interstate land transactions to trademark applications to banking and finance disputes. At law school it can be hard to determine where your interests lie so the chance to gain practical experience across so many fields cannot be understated for a young graduate.”

– Fumi Baughan , Graduate Lawyer and 2018/2019 Law Clerk

“Perhaps my favourite part of working at Finlaysons is the learning opportunities which stem from a firmly ingrained “open door” culture whereby clerks are easily able to approach senior practitioners for assistance with tasks, or broader issues in general. Further to this, Finlaysons also implements an effective “buddy” and “coach” system as part of its program to ensure clerks are never left wanting for help should they need it. I could not recommend this program more highly.”

– Michael Rydon, Graduate Lawyer and 2018/2019 Law Clerk

“The Finlaysons’ clerkship program is a very rewarding experience! The hands on legal work from Day 1, I was given the opportunity to rotate through all of the departments of a commercial law firm and not only learn from high quality practitioners, but to also play a role in several matters and trials, instils the fundamental skills needed to become a successful lawyer.”

– George Femia, Graduate Lawyer and 2018/2019 Law Clerk

“Clerking at Finlaysons has been an invaluable and rewarding experience. Everyone in the litigation team has been extremely helpful and are more than willing to invest time into training clerks. Practitioners allow clerks to get involved on files which means that I have gained valuable insight into how litigation progresses.  Further, there is an extensive “on-boarding” program to help clerks understand the firms systems and processes and ongoing clerk training sessions. The clerk training sessions have been extremely useful as I have found that they teach practical skills that I have used every day in the workplace”.

– Erin Puckridge, Graduate Lawyer and 2018/2019 Law Clerk

“The opportunities that I have been given at Finlaysons have been, and continue to be, invaluable. Within the very first month of my clerkship, I was assigned to a trial, where I was provided with a significant amount of hands-on experience and exposure to civil litigation within South Australia. I assist a number of partners and senior practitioners with interesting and legally complex matters on a daily basis and I continue to look forward to a new challenge each day. I thoroughly recommend the Finlaysons Clerkship to any law student that is looking for a truly unique experience.”

– Steven Ellis, Graduate Lawyer and 2018/2019 Law Clerk

“The Finlaysons clerkship program is a fantastic educational opportunity for those looking to gain insight into life as a young legal professional. The experience is challenging, yet profoundly rewarding. Regularly attending skills building sessions and social events, provided myself and all the other clerk regular networking opportunity and an insight into the firms culture.  This, as well as the opportunity to contribute to real-life matters alongside established legal professionals, makes for an unparalleled experience.”

– Adam Hamilton, 2018/2019 Law Clerk

“Whilst working in the Environment, Planning, Native Title & Resources department, I have research a diverse range of matters such as space law, food regulations, hedge fencing laws and native title compensation to name a few. These tasks have been particularly helpful in developing my legal research skills. Further, I was able to draft trustee minutes and special resolutions which has really increased my knowledge of corporate law and trusts. My recent rotation into the Insurance Department has provided me with a different experience, with a greater focus on drafting summaries and attending court.

This experience is extremely valuable in helping me decide where my legal interests lie, and what area of law I would be interested in practising in the future. Gaining practical experience in such a wide variety of areas is a very rare opportunity and I am extremely grateful for this experience.”

– Molly Shanahan, 2019/2020 Law Clerk 

“The support provided by my coach and buddy has also been invaluable and has allowed me to excel during my rotations so far and provided me with feedback to improve my performance and skills in the future.

I have found the clerkship program at Finlaysons to be very rewarding and I have been privileged to be exposed to a variety of tasks and to be trusted with completing various work for clients and practitioners. It is evident that Finlaysons fosters a culture of continuous growth and that practitioners are willing to expose you to tasks that will challenge you in order to improve and add to your professional skillset.”

– Courtney Dolphin, 2019/2020 Law Clerk 

“Clerking at Finlaysons has already proven to be a unique and valuable experience. The supportive environment of the firm is unlike any other. The first week of on-boarding allows you to get to know how the firm operates and takes you through everything you need to know in order to get started. This support is then carried on throughout the clerkship, with coaches and buddies offering continued guidance, feedback and opportunities. I have already had an unparalleled experience at Finlaysons.”

– Maddison Briggs, 2019/2020 Law Clerk

“Coming into the clerkship program I was excited to get exposure to a broad range of legal work. My first eight weeks at Finlaysons flew by! Being involved with hands on legal work since day one has been fantastic and I am continuing to experience new challenges every day.”

– Bentley Anderson, 2019/2020 Law Clerk

“The Finlaysons’ Clerkship program has already given me so much more practical experience in the last two months than I ever could have acquired from law degree alone. I have been able to gauge how litigation is conducted in real life, and gain an unparalleled experience before even graduating law school. So far I’ve attended court countless times, drafted court documents, written letters to clients and analysed a plethora of evidence for our ongoing cases. The training and resources available to clerks are second to none, and I can’t stress the professional yet family natured work environment the firm has. I’d highly recommend the clerkship program to anyone considering it, it will be an opportunity you will not regret.”

– Alexander Hamam, 2019/2020 Law Clerk

“My work has given me the opportunity to practice applying what I learned at university to the subtleties of real-world problems. As a dedicated clerk in the Tax & Revenue team, I have had the chance to engage in a variety of work within the company, while learning the trade first-hand from experts around me. No matter how silly the question, my wonderful and supportive team are always there to guide me towards an answer. Finlaysons is committed to the development of its staff through a variety of events, such as skill-building sessions and networking nights, and I have found these to be great opportunities for meeting like-minded people and broadening my professional perspective. The clerkship program has been a unique experience that I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in a career in this field.”

– Christine Vu, 2019/2020 Law Clerk

“One of the great things about the program is being relied upon to engage in practical tasks that matter. In my short time at Finlaysons, I have been required to draft court documents, write letters of advice to clients and instruct counsel on matters proceeding to trial, amongst many other tasks.

I really enjoy the fast-paced nature of the work and the friendly and competent colleagues I get to work with. I would highly recommend the Finlaysons Clerkship program for anyone interested in gaining legal experience in a fun and professional environment.”

– Peter Pedler, 2019/2020 Law Clerk 

Our Opportunities:

GDLP/PLT Placement

We offer a restricted number of 6-week placements and dates can be negotiated to align with your commitments.


Penultimate or final year students are welcome to apply for a limited number of departmental clerk positions that may become available throughout the year. The duration of the clerkship may vary from 4 weeks to 12 months and will be dependent on the specific opportunity available.

Our Recruitment Process will involve an online application and a face-to-face interview. 

Helpful insights

We respect individuality. We want to get to know you.

A clear and concise introduction letter should highlight your skill set as well as your interests and provide us with an insight into you.

Outline in your curriculum vitae relevant work experience, volunteer work, your degrees and whether they are held or being completed. Show your individuality by detailing any languages you speak or extra-curricular activities you participate in.

Also, submit your academic transcripts and attach relevant supporting documents such as a visa or certification of a degree.

Before you commence, really think about what your key skills, achievement and experiences are.

Make a list and keep referring back to it. Your submission shouldn’t be a 3 page essay on how fabulous you are but you should make sure that you tell us what your strengths are.

There are a variety of law firms and we’re all looking for different things from our clerks. Refer to our website to ensure that our areas of law align with those you aspire to practice in.

We strive to support you both professionally and personally.

We support a work/life balance and encourage participation in our extensive health and wellbeing program. Our social fabric is strong –  we have fun and celebrate our successes, no matter how big or small.

You will interact with the rest of the firm from the moment you join us.

Our clerks also form a tight-knit peer group to bounce their ideas and thoughts between.

Today’s Realities are Tomorrow’s Possibilities

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