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Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission’s Tentative Findings

In summary the Commission concludes that:

  • the management, storage and disposal of both Australian low and intermediate level waste and international intermediate and high level waste are, subject to informed community consent, activities that are economically viable in the State;
  • there are significant barriers to the viability of new uranium mine developments in the State;
  • there are marginal investment outcomes for facilities for further processing of minerals, and the processing and manufacturing of materials containing radioactive and nuclear substances, based on proven technologies.  There are a limited range of positive investment outcomes for such facilities based on proprietary or unproven technology; and
  • whilst nuclear generation in the State is currently not viable, this should not preclude its consideration as part of a future energy generation mix as there is value in having nuclear power as a readily implementable option.


This Alert is intended as an alert only. It does not purport to be comprehensive advice. Readers should seek professional advice before acting in relation to these matters.


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