Succeeding a Family Wine Business to the next generation.

A seminar hosted by FINLAYSONS Australian Wine Lawyers

“Elevage” is the French term meaning the series of cellar operations that take place between fermentation and bottling.  According to Jancis Robinson, it suggests that the winemaker’s role is like that of a loving parent, who guides, disciplines and civilises the raw young wine that emerges from the fermentation vessel.

There is a clear parallel with good family business succession.  Done well, succession should elevate the business to a new level, when the next generation takes over.  There is a lot of truth in the old adage that a manager is only as good as the successor he or she puts in place.

As a consequence of a number of requests at Wine Roadshow 23 last year, Finlaysons have resolved to focus this year’s Wine Roadshow on family wine business succession.  As always, they have put together a group of experts, experienced in working with family wine businesses, whose knowledge you can benefit from.

Attend Wine Roadshow 24 and learn how to elevate your business, by nurturing the next generation through a diligent succession process.