Our reason for existence as a law firm is to provide clients with legal advice that is reliable, practical, commercial, in plain English, timely and affordable. We aspire to hold relationships as trusted confidantes with our clients to help them solve problems and realise opportunities.


Finlaysons is built on a foundation of culture and values. It is what makes us unique and gives us our competitive advantage.

Our values are translated into actions that:

  • inform and underpin the way we do business
  • inspire us to work collaboratively
  • enable us to deliver outstanding value to our clients
  • provide leadership in our markets and communities.

Our values and behaviours, as set out below, apply to all Finlaysons partners and employees, regardless of title or position. They help define our professional aspirations and provide a blueprint for how every Finlaysons person is expected to act and behave.

The specific elements of our values are:


  • We are honest in our dealings with everyone.
  • We treat everyone with fairness.
  • We ensure open communication and transparency, whilst respecting confidentiality and privacy.
  • We do what we say we are going to do.
  • We are trustworthy.
  • We act lawfully and ethically, and uphold the highest professional standards.

Respect For All

  • We treat everyone with empathy, courtesy, respect and dignity.
  • No-one is humiliated or belittled.
  • We speak candidly about issues.
  • We act in a way that exemplifies what we expect of each other.

Service Excellence

  • Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with timely, practical, value-for-money advice.
  • We ensure that work is referred to those within the firm who are most appropriately qualified to do it.
  • We strive to exceed expectations.

Outstanding Client Relationships

  • We build trusted relationships.
  • We recognise that although we are in the legal profession, we are in the service business.
  • Every day we strive to win client satisfaction ratings of at least 9/10 in everything we do.
  • We always:
    • avoid conflicts of interest
    • respect confidentiality and privacy
    • support and promote our people and our clients’ success
    • network and foster great relationships
    • deliver on our promises
    • seek open feedback about our service.


  • We work as one team, not as isolated departments or silos.
  • We allocate work so that the most appropriate skills are utilised in clients' best interests.
  • We empower and trust the people we work with.
  • We create strong working relationships through:
    • sharing information, insights and advice
    • taking personal responsibility for our actions
    • balancing the future of the firm with the need for short term results
    • building trust and having confidence in each other.
  • We foster an atmosphere of learning, coaching and mentoring where we:
    • bring a positive attitude to everything we do
    • recognise effort and celebrate accomplishments
    • reward initiative and achievement.


  • We stay alert to the latest thinking and technologies to ensure we are at the forefront of delivering excellent outcomes for our clients.
  • We foster a culture of proactivity, research and continuous improvement.

Developing Talent

  • We seek to recruit the best talent in the marketplace.
  • We are committed to identifying and nurturing exceptional talent throughout the firm.
  • We will retain and grow our talent through understanding the aspirations of our people, working with them to develop suitable career paths and continuously supporting them in building their knowledge and skills.
  • We value diversity and foster an environment where talent thrives and excels, regardless of nationality, age, gender or other differences.
  • We all take responsibility for driving our own development, seeking to enhance our skills and value to clients and the firm.

Work/Life Balance

  • We aim to strike a healthy balance between work and meaningful family, social, community and recreational activities and encourage others to do the same.
  • We care about and contribute to the communities with whom we interact.
  • We encourage the broadening of our skills, experience and perspectives through our work in the community.